Phase I

Phase I will be the hardest phase within the Vegan Warriors Bootcamp. This is the red phase because you will be eliminating red meats out of your diet. If you have not joined the private Facebook group, join here. This private group is a community of supportive individuals whom are on the same journey to transition to a vegan diet. Also, we help each other stay accountable.

Eliminate beef and pork.png

Week 1

Eliminate beef, organ meats and game meats.

Eliminate pork.png

Week 2

Eliminate pork.



How did week !-2 go for you? Make sure you answer the questions in the reflection section of the workbook. Join the private Facebook group here. Week 3 is around the corner.


Obstacle Course

Make your favorite Vegan Dish from this week and post it in the private Facebook group. Also, post it on your social media. Add #veganwarrior and #8weektransitiontoveganism to the post.