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Why Now

While we're not big on diets in the traditional sense, we do talk about one type of diet quite a bit: the plant-based diet, arguably the best diet of all. Also, obsessing over food indeed isn't our style, we do adhere to the belief that food is important — really important. After all, we are woven by foods we eat. It builds our bodies from the inside out, powers our every move and inspires us to turn our thoughts into things. Food also has the potential to be our biggest ally in the fight against illness or greatest enemy. Because of all that, food is the smartest, most comfortable, most effective way of bringing about real, visible, total-life change. Based on years of research and experimentation, we believe a plant-based diet is the best strategy for optimal wellness.



If food is that essential to our longevity, happiness, and fulfillment (and trust us — it is), we want to make sure we're eating the best possible stuff. If you are what you eat, don't you want to be a vibrant, beautiful, living, breathing, thriving thing? Hence, the plant-based diet: your ticket to becoming your healthiest, most creative, most vital self.



We're all for drinking lots of water for optimal health, but here's yet another reason to love plant foods: They're an excellent way to hydrate. When you bite into a juicy slice of watermelon or refreshing cucumber, each molecule of water is bound up within the structure of that fruit or vegetable. The result is that your body gets to enjoy deep, sustained hydration on a cellular level.



We can't talk about eating plant-based without talking about greens — when you're living the Sakara Life, green becomes your favorite color! Eating four to six cups of leafy greens every day is crucial for so many reasons. Just listen to this "If you asked me to recommend the one thing that would have the biggest impact on the health of your gut and skin, it would be to eat as many leafy green vegetables as you can."